Preparations for GWAR’s CRACK-A-THON continue as another round of celebrity-esque guests have been announced. Sources revealed today that host Oderus Urungus will be joined by legendary weirdo, filmmaker, and founder of Troma Films, Lloyd Kaufman, who will of course be accompanied by mutant mop-wielder and star of stage and screen, The Toxic Avenger. Also fresh on the block of unwitting victims/guests is New York artist Joe Simko and cyber-warlord Mecronos of the band Dethrace. These guests will be joining the first confirmed guest Andrew W.K. and the many other yet-to-be-confirmed sort of stars that are rapidly turning the CRACK-A-THON into the most fudge-packed event since the Buddy Ebsen roast!

All the fun starts on April 10th, when the MF Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y. hosts the CRACK-A-THON kickoff party, which will feature an exhibit of prints of both classic GWAR art and other hideous visions created by some of the artists of Slave Pit Inc, the company responsible for bringing the world GWAR, the X-Cops, and numerous other side projects to ridiculous to mention in this press release. This print series is being created exclusively for MF Gallery and will also be available for purchase online at The evening shall be capped off with the music of Mecronos’ band, Dethrace, and homeless animal rights activist and avowed organ-grinder Chippy the Chippopotamus!

All of this is just a lead-up to the actual First Annual(even though that is impossible) GWAR CRACK-A-THON, Oderus Urungus’ desperate attempt to raise funds to pay off the heaping crack-debt he owes to underground mogul Sleazy P. Martini. Starting at 7:00 pm on April 16th, anyone with internet access will be able to witness all of the shenanigans, via a live broadcast from the MF Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. For those of you in the area, reserve your seats NOW to be in the live studio audience with a ten-dollar pledge!

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image002Andrew WK is rock’s true renaissance man. Known internationally as the foremost ambassador of the party, Andrew has dabbled (and occasionally dibbled) in all facets of musical performance. This accomplished musician’s resume lists everything from classical piano to self-help motivational speaking, and most recently has been appearing on FOX News late-night gab-fest Red Eye, along with CRACK-A-THON host, Oderus Urungus.

image003For more than 30 years Lloyd Kaufman has been the main driving force behind Troma Films and has tirelessly expounded the virtues of his D.I.Y. approach to filmmaking. A director, writer, producer, and all-around great guy, Lloyd and Troma’s influence on generations of aspiring filmmakers is unmistakable, and the CRACK-A-THON is honored to have him as one of their featured guests.


image004Transforming from a 98-pound weakling to a mutant super-hero isn’t for everyone and Toxie has done more with it than most could, becoming not only a hideously mutated defender of the weak but an international star of stage and screen. Who would have thought he could actually dance! The CRACK-A-THON welcomes Toxie and his mop.

image005Joe Simko is a custom artist/cartoonist based in New York and represented by MF Gallery. He works with local and national rock bands, (Such as Murphy’s Law, GWAR, Trivium, Sonic Youth, and many others.) He provides designs for albums, t-shirts, and tour posters. Simko’s paintings can be best described as a stylized blend of bright Saturday morning cartoon form meshed with twisted eccentric subject matter, while often hiding subliminal undertones throughout his pieces. There is always something new to notice upon each viewing of Simko’s artwork.

image006Mecronos is the lead singer of DETHRACE, a band of satanic superhero robots who play 666 volts of ear blasting Heavy Metal music. He is joined onstage by fellow Troglonaut Acronos on bass, and Electronos on electric guitar, along with their evil skull-faced creator, Necropatheos. DETHRACE will be performing live at the CRACK-A-THON Kick off party at MF Gallery on Saturday, April 10th.