brutalLegendCelebrating their 25th Anniversary, Intergalactic scumdogs GWAR have announced an upcoming headline gig at Comic Con’s Brutal Legend “Metal Meltdown” show. Sponsored by Electronic Arts and presented by Vice Magazine, the concert will be held at this year’s San Diego Comic Con on July 23. The show also features 3 Inches of Blood, Unholy Pink and a DJ set from Keith Morris.

Brutal Legend “Metal Meltdown” info:
“4th and B” – San Diego
Thursday July 23rd
9:30 pm – 2:00 am

Quoth GWAR’s lead singer Oderus Urungus, “Vice Magazine has once again shown their true appreciation for life’s finest filth. We are pleased as pus to bring GWAR to the largest gathering of geeks and losers since the last time GWAR played there…which was never.”

GWAR are back with a brand-new album, Lust In Space¸ just in time to celebrate their 25th Anniversary as a band. The Scumdogs of the Universe are particularly thrilled this time around as they have finally escaped the seething, filthy mudball that is Earth! GWAR will also be triumphantly returning to Metal Blade Records for the release of Lust In Space, due August 18.

In other breaking news, Slave Pit is proud to announce that Oderus Urungus, bestial front-thing for the world’s most dangerous band,GWAR, is set to return to the air-waves on Fox News’ “Red Eye”, for his third triumphant appearance on July 8th at 3:00 A.M. EST. Oderus will be reporting from the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he is hanging out for no apparent reason.

Quoth Oderus, “Now that they have determined that I am capable of restraining myself from eating the other guests, Greg Gutfeld (the show’s host) and the Red Eye staff have fully embraced me as their official Intergalactic Correspondent. This next assignment takes me to The World Series of Poker, where I shall be reporting on what is undoubtedly the biggest collection of weirdos and degenerates since the last GWAR tour!”