cVBnLhwWe are now a little less than two months away from GWAR B-Q 2015. GWAR’s 30th birthday bash is shaping up to be the most insane party of the summer! VIP Tickets for the event are Almost Sold Out! There is still time Bohabs!So, what are you waiting for? Word in Antarctica is that Phil Anselmo, one of the only humans brutal enough to hang with GWAR, will be on hand for an exclusive celebrity signing for VIP ticket holders ONLY!! Phil will be joined by a lavish list of other artists appearing at the VIP Meet & Meat such as, Clutch, Cro-Mags, Ghoul, Goatwhore and many more. But that’s not all, in addition to the numerous other benefits, VIP’s will also enjoy exclusive indoor bathrooms in which to void their hideous waste. Why poop with the plebes in the port-a-potties when you have the cash to assure your turds a place at the top of the pile? And if escaping the chemical toilets isn’t enough, VIP’s will also have a refuge from the sun and chaos while enjoying the shade from their very own private VIP Pavilion!

Always one for charity, GWAR’s manager, Sleazy P. Martini has further sweetened the pot by adding the Express Band; a special wristband that grants access to Express Lanes throughout the festival, providing shorter lines everywhere from the entrance gates to the merch booth, and lines for beer tickets and port-o-potties.

“That’s right Bohabs, now you you can experience for one day the awesomeness that is my entire life. You’re welcome.”

To make sure things run smoothly, numerous staff will be in place to monitor lines at all event booth locations including the entrance gate, merchandise, beer sales and port-o-potties. Express Bands are included in the VIP and Deluxe Ticket packages, and this is retroactive, so if you have already purchased a ticket package, you will still get your wristband at the festival. VIP ticket holders will already have all of their credentials prior to the event for the easiest of access. Deluxe ticket holders and Express Band purchasers will pick up their Express Bands at the gate through the express lane. VIP swag bag and Deluxe official GWAR B-Q event t-shirt will be picked up at the Merchandise booth. Express Bands can also be purchased à la carte online ($19) at or at the door on the day of the festival ($25). All sales are subject to availability. In order to keep lines short, a limited number of these express wristbands will be available, so get them while they’re hot! Don’t miss out on all of the killer benefits and new additions. Get your Express Wristband and Tickets HERE.

But despair not intrepid Bohab! Even if you can’t afford the upgrades, there are several changes this year that will ensure the event runs smooth as a porn star’s pussy. Lines will be more manageable thanks to the addition of Cash Lanes at all event booths, including entrance gates, merchandise and beer ticket sales. As in years past, it will be hot as fuck at the GWAR B-Q, and when it is hot as fuck people want to keep cool and stay hydrated. This year GWAR B-Q will be providing plenty of FREE GWATER for everyone in attendance. Of course, the main concern of most booze addled Bohabs is ready access to gallons and gallons of BEER! Thanks to our friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon and Loveland distributors there will be 3 Beer Trucks on site and 4 GWAR Beer Kiosks selling the cherished nector of the gods, Oderus Ale, brewed by Cigar City. So rest assured Bohabs…WE WILL NOT RUN OUT OF BEER! And finally, where oh where will you piss it all away? No less than 50 portable crappers at this years event are guaranteed to cut down the number of drunken idiots waiting cross-legged to empty their beer bloated bladders. All this is to say; GWAR-B-Q 2015 will be bigger, better and wetter than ever!

As an added bonus, we’ve created The Ultimate Bohab Guide to all things GWAR B-Q. This all-encompassing checklist and guide will ensure every Bohab’s maximum pleasure while attending the legendary GWAR B-Q. Answers to any and all of your questions can be found at All Habs should pay particular attention to the handy FAQ page.

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Topping off what is already an insanely diverse and incendiary lineup for the weekend of GWAR B-Q 2015, in Richmond, VA, today GWAR announces even more kick ass bands that will ram heavy metal and punk rock so far up your ass you’ll shit molten lead the rest of your life!  BAT, the side project of Ryan Waste from Municipal Waste, and hardcore legend Felix Griffin of DRI, will be performing at the GWAR B-Q on Saturday August 15th as part of a small string of ultra rare live appearances the band is making in late summer.

Also adding to the powerhouse metal onslaught at Hadad’s Lake this year, are horror inspired death metal peddlers TROGLODYTE, Kentucky based Stonecutters, and Richmond’s own Gritter. There is no question that this year’s GWAR B-Q lineup takes the festival to a whole new level. The devastating, twenty-one (21) band lineup includes:

GWAR (Your Lords and Masters)

The Descendants (California Punk Rock Giants)

Clutch (Crushing Grooves and Pure Rock and Roll Fury)

Down (Phil Anselmo. PERIOD.)

Goatwhore (Blackened Death Metal from NOLA)

Cro-Mags (NYHC Legends)

mc chris (A rapper playing the GWAR B-Q?)

Ghoul (Blood Splattering Thrash)

The Dickies (The Clown Princes of Punk)

Cancer Bats (Canada’s Sweethearts)

American Sharks (Who are heading to RVA from their recent beach feeding frenzy)

Valkyrie (Featuring Pete Adams of Baroness)

Mutoid Man (A super group featuring Steve Brodsky of Cave In and Ben Koller of Converge) Dead Earth Politics (This band beat The Sword 3 times running as Austin’s Best Metal Band)

Ringworm (Which is something JiZMak thought he caught from Big Foot) 

Child Bite (Which is also something that happened to JiZMak visiting Housecore Records)

Gritter (Rhymes with Shitter)

RPG (Richmond Hard Rock Legends)

Bat (Yet another super group)

Stonecutters (Kentucky Fried Metal)

Troglodyte (Innovators of Neandercore)

That’s 21 bands (of legal age) that will skull fuck you until man-batter explodes from your eardrums. So what the fuck are you waiting for???  Buy your tickets now, Standard, Deluxe and VIP!

Adding to the mania, three-time winners of the Austin Chronicle’s “Austin MUSIC Awards’ Best Performing Metal Band,” DEAD EARTH POLITICS have been hand-picked by GWAR as Ambassadors of Mayhem. As the band tours hard towards the fest, they’ll be turning their concerts into nightly parties resulting in a week-long celebration of the presence and impact of the intergalactic Scumdogs’ 30 years on Planet Earth! These special events are being called “The Road to Gwar-B-Q,” and include everything from masquerade balls to good old fashioned, white trash, whiskey-fueled birthday bashes. Shenanigans from Texas to Virginia will be chronicled by the accompanying film crew, and fans can follow the fun as highlights are showcased daily on Metal Injection, GWAR social media outlets, and DEAD EARTH POLITICS’ own Youtube channel.  Check out the trailer for “The Road to GWAR B-Q” HERE.

“The Road To GWAR B-Q” dates are as follows:

Wednesday August 5 – Acadia Bar & Grill in Houston, TX

Friday August 7 – Bonds 007 in San Antonio, TX

Saturday August 8 – Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, TX

Sunday August 9 – The Wild Salmon in Lafayette, LA

Wednesday August 12 – Head on the Door in Montgomery, AL

Thursday August 13 – The Oglethorpe Lounge in Albany, GA

Saturday August 15 – GWAR B-Q in Richmond, VA










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GWAR has just added CLUTCH as a co-headliner to this year’s GWAR B-Q! And as if that weren’t enough to melt your pathetic mind, the B4BQ launch pre-party will now feature the entire lineup of the hard hitting Summer Slaughter Tour, who will join metal heavy weights Fear Factory and the highly awaited return of Coal Chamber!

That’s right, GWAR-B-Q has grown to include three stages of brutal music! CLUTCH will join the already stellar lineup of bands set to rock the Slaughterama Stage with the heaviest grooves on the planet.


The B4BQ started as a small gathering prior to GWAR-B-Q, but this year the event will come into its own as a full day of eardrum blasting metal madness at The National (708 E Broad St, Richmond, VA) on Friday, August 14th. The pre-party event kicks off at 2:00 PM and features Coal Chamber, Fear Factory, Arch Enemy, Born Of Osiris, Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain, Obscura, After the Burial, Cattle Decapitation, and Beyond Creation. That’s ten bands! That’s one band for each finger to clinch together into two heavy metal fists of fury as you punch your way through the mosh pit.

Tickets to the B4BQ go on sale TODAY! June 3rd at 2:00pm EST Buy yours here:

This year, all in attendance at GWAR-B-Q, Saturday, August 15th at Hadad’s Lake, will enjoy plenty of FREE GWATER! Enough food and beer will be available to kill everyone who shows up, and when it comes time to piss it all out, enjoy our 50 port-o-lets; Sleazy P. says it smells like money!!  Parking for the event has been expanded and is conveniently located close to the park for ONLY $5 per vehicle. There is also FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE from locations around Richmond as well as from GWAR’s airport hotel partners! Book your rooms here:


Entry to the B4BQ and all other GWAR-B-Q events are included as part of the exclusive Premium/VIP ticket. Only 200 of the most diehard, soon-to-die fans will be allowed to secure a Premium Ticket which will be mailed to you prior to the event, so you can bypass the human scum waiting in line and be the first to experience the sweet release of death! Special VIP points of contact, along with line monitors and other staff stationed throughout GWAR B-Q, will make sure YOU get the complete VIP experience!

Premium/VIP Ticket benefits include:

  • An exclusive VIP Laminate (mailed in advance)
  • Entry to B4BQ pre-party show at the National
  • VIP seating at the B4BQ
  • VIP Meet n Greet with B4BQ bands
  • VIP drink specials at the B4BQ
  • All day entry to GWAR B-Q at Hadads Lake
  • Official GWAR B-Q event t-shirt
  • GWAR B-Q swag bag stuffed with FREE shit!
  • FREE beverage ticket/token for the GWAR B-Q
  • Access to VIP Pavilion at the GWAR B-Q
  • Access to VIP Restrooms at the GWAR B-Q
  • Access to Express Lanes including – Main Gate Entry, Merchandise Booth, and Beverage Ticket Kiosks at the GWAR B-Q
  • Exclusive Celebrity Signings – GBQ Bands TBA
  • Not to mention the pinnacle of any Bohab’s miserable existence; a Meat-n-Meet signing with GWAR, and a chance to win the ultimate prize; a once in a lifetime opportunity to be killed on stage by the mighty GWAR!

Get your VIP tickets here:

Coal Chamber

Fear Factory

After the Burial

Arch Enemy
Band Photo - Arch Enemy


Beyond Creation
Beyond Creation Mtl

Born of Osiris

Cattle Decapitation
Cattle Decap photo 2015-credit Zach Cordner

The Acacia Strain
The Acacia Strain

Veil of Maya

Follow GWAR B-Q on Twitter and Instagram @gwarbq

Like the event page on Facebook at

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