A part of the crowd, which was estimated to be almost 2000 people, enjoys a little "dust-up" during a killer set from The Casualties

“Beyond our wildest dreams, and they can get pretty kinky, we were almost completely 100 % satisfied with this years GWAR-B-Q”, said lead singer Oderus Urungus, reached at his Antarctic bungalo. “Everything went well, except that hottie from Attack of the Show didn’t show up…but I suppose that is understandable. We did feed her to a worm last year!”

From everything to the weather (which was an enjoyable 85 degrees), to the authorities (who seemed to be enjoying themselves), to the bands ( who all put on amazing sets), all conditions were in perfect alignment and the much-anticipated event went off without a hitch…well, almost.

Slave Pit spokesman Dave Brockie had this to say about the event-”The “Meat and Beat” went great, and Oderus stayed in the area an extra three hours to make sure everybody got to hang out with their Lord and Master. It was a great line-up of great bands, and we got to see both Sleazy P. AND The Sexecutioner! It was a huge improvement over last year (when we didn’t even manage to have it outside) – we made big strides this year and I am sure next year we will get even bigger and better. Rest assured any hiccups we had have been noted and will be sorted out for next year’s event…so see ya at GWAR-B-Q 2013!”

Perhaps the best way to judge the success of the event is to hear it from the fans themselves-

Worth the drive down from Delaware for sure!!! Always up for GWAR especially when they bring Sexy back!!! And Ghoul kicked ass too!!
-Tom Flynn

It was still worth every second, dying of thirst or not. I was there for GWAR and to have a good time which I did. And that’s all that mattered.
-Kristen Maresca

I had the greatest weekend of my life. My son and I traveled from Florida and it was worth every penny we paid!
-Lonny Amendolea

Thanks to all of the people that made this awesome event happen. GWAR is currently working on a new album, the first since the passing of longtime guitarist Cory Smoot last year. Look for an announcement soon regarding GWAR’s search for a new Scumdog as GWAR prepares to debut the newest member of the GWAR tribe on this fall’s “Fate or Chaos” North American tour.