GWAR has announced plans to open a restaurant later this summer in Richmond, VA. GWAR is known throughout the Universe for their outrageous stage show, irreverent humor and head pounding music, but now they have turned their demented eye to the food service industry. GWAR has joined forces with Travis Croxton, Richmond’s restaurateur of the year 2013, to bring to life one of the last dreams of their fallen singer, Oderus Urungus, the GWARbar!


But GWARbar will not merely be a place to gorge on delectable food-stuffs whilst hoisting endless flagons of liquid glee…it will not be just a shrine and showcase to the undeniable visual impact of the world’s most infamous metal band…the opening of the GWARbar will be the singularly most important culinary event to occur since the invention of the spoon! Because the GWARbar marks the first time in the history of humans eating stuff that they shall do so by ordering off a menu designed by a chef NOT OF THIS EARTH…that’s right, BalSac, the Jaws of Death, GWAR‘s guitar player and also designer of the notoriously tasty “GWAR-B-Q Sauce”, is bringing his supreme knowledge of intergalactic cuisine to the GWARbar, and has designed a bill of fare that is sure to make man or aliens swoon with epicurean delight. Let the plates of mankind be filled with the food of the God’s…at a workingman’s price! “My mother taught me the endless secrets of intergalactic cooking,” said the hulking form of Balsac as he sat down to a heaping platter of GWAR-B-Q. “And then I ate her.”


An indiegogo campaign has been launched to help raise funds for the renovation of the current building into the wonderland of food and beverage that will be known as the GWARbar. By contributing, you can earn anything from GWAR’s undying scorn ($1) to a bar stool with your name on it at the bar ($1000)!  Make the GWARbar a reality by contributing HERE.


GWAR has solicited help and advice from many of their friends in the restaurant industry including Top Chef master Bryan Voltaggio, who said, “Obviously this place is going to be awesome! I can’t wait for it to open!”


We are quite sure that the GWARbar will become a favorite hang out for touring musicians and a must see for all music and food fans!

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From the depths of the GWAR temple, beneath the frozen wasteland of Antarctica, mutant penguins swim towards America with news of GWAR’s triumphant return to the stage as the headliner at this year’s GWAR B-Q. The 5th annual gathering of meat, metal and mayhem will take place on Saturday, August 16th at Hadad’s Lake
(www.hadadslake.com) in Richmond, VA. Scientists work around the clock to translate the high-pitched chatter of the mutant penguin hoard as they approach landfall.

Conflicting reports indicate that GWAR’s performance will be lead by none other than, original recipe Beefcake the Mighty aka Mike Bishop or quite possibly it was misinterpreted as the Colonel’s original chicken recipe. Who knows? Be there to find out for yourself as this historic metal event unfolds.


Other random Facebook posts and tweets confirm that original Scumdog members will descend on the GWAR B-Q to bear witness to a Viking funeral for Oderus Urungus, whose form will burn upon the SS Boat as he makes his journey back to Valhalla and beyond. This public memorial will be held from 4pm-7pm on Friday, August 15th at Hadad’s Lake (www.hadadslake.com) in Richmond, VA. and is open to even the lowliest of bohabs.

The nut busting anticipation mounts as bohabs from across the globe await the release of GWAR B-Q ticket sale date, June 6th. How do I get tickets, you ask? Tickets will be sold exclusively on the GWAR B-Q website at (www.gwarbq.com). Tickets will be available in three options:

Standard- $45 Ticket – All day entry

Deluxe- $65 Ticket – All day entry and official GWAR B-Q t-shirt

Premium- $200 Ticket (Limited Quantity 150)- All day entry, official GWAR B-Q t-shirt, B4BQ show entry, VIP Pass for private Gwafter Party (venue TBA), as well as Meet & Greet signings with GWAR, Ice-T of Body Count, Hatebreed, Bam Margera of Jackass, and a possible chance to appear on stage with GWAR. What more could you ask for? Don’t ask.

TICKETS GO ON SALE JUNE 6th! Get them fast while they last, it’s going to be a blast!


In other related events`, Balsac the Jaws of Death will DJ a drunken feeding frenzy during Industry Happy Hour at Eat The Rich located at 1839 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001 on May 22nd from 11:00pm-2:30am. Specialty drinks concocted by Derek Brown, JP Fetherston, Robert Tinney and oysters from Rappahannock River Oysters, LLC will be featured. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Dave Brockie Fund, honoring GWAR’s irreverent lead singer and founding member. Donate to the Dave Brockie Fund at www.gwar.net. It has been advised to waste your life searching the inter-web to discover Balsac’s cryptic agenda for appearing at this international gala. Balsac reserved comment as he suspiciously sharpened swords for a harvest of souls to be served where and when? The only way to find out is by attending and getting him loaded on free booze. That means, buy him drinks, for you morons out there in the vile streets of the nation’s capital. He might possibly disclose his plans before your ultimate demise. There is only one way to find out.

If you are a member of the press and would like to cover the Sickest Slaughter-Fest of this or any Summer, please visit the press page of the GWAR B-Q website to apply for credentials: http://gwarbq.com/press-page.

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Dates:  September 12 -14, 2014
Venue: Humboldt Park – Chicago, IL

TICKET LINK: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/577021
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RiotFest1
Twitter: www.twitter.com/riotfest
Instagram: www.instagram.com/riot_fest
Hash Tag: #riotfest

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